Gracchi at Westminster Wisdom: It’s difficult to comment on his blog, not because its difficult nor because he doesn’t welcome comments but because his posts are so intelligent that you have to think very hard in order to discuss them. His is a superb blog.

Lori Epperson: After reading many of Ashok’s commentaries on Emily Dickinson’s poetry, I’ve become very fond of her work.

Xiane Sierocka-Stock: Frankly: I never ever thought I could love the writings of someone who calls himself a “right-wing nutcase” – but I do. I enjoy to read his writings, and the comments on sites he discovered are intelligent, sophisticated, well elaborated. His blog “Rethink” is worth to be visited and, yes, to be studied on a regularly basic. It is, always, an inspiration, even if you do not share his political view. And, I know, he is authentic – and a person of integrity.

Kelly, re: my Stumbleupon profileI’m not a conservative in the slightest, but [his] honesty is what makes his blog great. It isn’t pretentious and in no way does he present his ideas as though they are the end all be all. His thoughts facilitate discussion, which is always a good thing, no matter which side you are on.

Amanda Ball: He’s my favoritest academic ;) and one of my absolute favorite people, period.

Kelly Koch (while conversing about the blog): And I must also just comment that you have a beautiful mind.