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I write a lot, and your time is limited. So I’ve listed a few posts below that I particularly like, and have given each a description:


On “Batman Begins” – A man dresses as a bat and fights ninjas as a result of his education. He’s learned what justice is, and yes, we can learn quite a lot from his story.


“Tell all the truth but tell it slant” (1129) – Extended consideration of how Dickinson writes, covering a number of poems.

“Life, and Death, and Giants” (706) – A poet makes myths and can easily trap herself in her imagination. How does she find reality again?


“The annals say…” (from Squarings, Lightenings vii) – A miraculous happening, a story most strange. What is being said about belief?

“North” – What does it mean to search for the Muse? What does it mean to find her?


From Love to God: On Hopkins’ “As Kingfishers Catch Fire” – the motion of objects is a descent from the Spirit: the ascent is when we speak who we truly are.


Analysis of The Gettysburg Address: Is Democracy Feasible? – Lincoln and Jefferson have different grounds for establishing the truth of the statement “all men are created equal.” Since the whole of American history is the tension between “liberty” and “equality,” this is a very important discussion, to say the least.

Analysis of Lincoln’s “Second Inaugural” – How exactly is a democracy supposed to exist again, after its citizens have spent years trying to kill each other?


Lovers” – Not considered nowadays to be part of the Platonic canon, it contains a very controversial and important portrait of Socrates, one which complements other Platonic works.


Sonnet 73 – Close read of Sonnet 73, as well as an introduction to the method(s) I use for examining a text.

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