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“I can feel it in my bones / Gimme Sympathy” – Metric, “Gimme Sympathy”

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Welcome to my blog. My name is Ashok Karra. Currently, I’m a graduate student in political science.

For a number of years, I’ve been blogging notes and thoughts on a number of things, whether they are poems, essays, works of philosophy, video games, movies, songs, art – you get the idea. The idea has been to introduce people to something beautiful or worth pondering over. Often, I pick short poems to talk about, thinking that if someone just reads the poem, they might carry a line or two with them throughout the day. Sometimes, I try to introduce you to the problems in my field and discuss their importance. I felt from the beginning that if I’m trying to be a scholar, I should take the time to explain what I do and why it might matter.

A lot of this blog needs serious editing. Some of those older posts are incomprehensible. I always thought it was important to just write, and now I’m going back and realizing how sloppy I was. Or how I fell in love with an idea without bothering to properly flesh it out.

Sometimes, though, what I write has a peculiar density for the right reasons. I’ll leave it to you to figure out when I achieve that.