Introducing Political Philosophy: Some Straussian Resources

I just saw this page dedicated to Vermeer and wanted to become an art historian on the spot. There’s something marvelous about assembling and organizing information well – it really does empower students and make things easier for teachers and scholars.

Truth be told, I would love to link to resources on Vlastos or Rawls or Pocock or other schools of thought, but I don’t know them well enough. So I’m sticking to Straussian stuff, hoping someone will make a wiki on another site and we can get a collection of primary sources, secondary sources, blurbs and introductory articles going. My goal here is to get started, so I’m not aiming to be comprehensive. I’m actually aiming to be done in a half-hour.

Political Philosophy & Leo Strauss himself

Ancient Philosophy



This isn’t a lot, I know. But I think there’s a virtue to the fact that resources by “names” are rare. A good wiki will start cataloging and reviewing papers and dissertations on topics by lesser known people. Lord knows we need that nowadays – the way academia is, you’d think there were 3 people who are allowed to read books and have opinions on them.

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  1. Hello Ashok,

    I found your page by chance a year ago when looking for fellow close readers online and I would love to work with you on this Strauss wiki. If anything, providing an open resource for esotericism seems like the paradoxical project the internet was made for. In addition, I’ve been meaning to contact you personally, but it wasn’t until now that I bit the bullet and posted a comment.

    Keep fighting the good fight!


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