Links, 5/21/13

Some amazing, powerful reads lately that I cannot do justice to. And some necessary reads:

  • “My Husband’s Other Wife” – I can’t believe I’m only seeing this now. I don’t understand why it isn’t required reading.
  • Donald Hall, “One Road” – from the essay: Divorce was miserable, as it always is, and we divorce for the same reasons we marry. I grew up in a comfortable 1920s suburb of six-room houses. Kirby’s family raised sugar cane on a plantation in Jamaica. Our tastes in daily life diverged as much as our backgrounds. My literary ambition did not fit well with Kirby’s reserve. These differences, at first exotic, turned noxious and destructive.
  • Recently, as you all know, a number of pundits and the like started bemoaning that the Iraq war ever happened and that they regret any support they put forth for it and hahaha isn’t intervention such a silly, antiquated thing. Meanwhile, in Syria, there are 70,000 dead and Assad is regaining territory. Can someone tell me what it means to “support” the rebels the way we have and then face the prospect of Assad winning, or are we just going to ignore this and pretend that morality and the national interest do not involve difficult choices? I’m not saying we should intervene. Only that our whole way of looking at political issues is completely broken. A good rule of thumb for thinking through human affairs is that if you think something is obvious, you’re probably misrepresenting something very badly.
  • A softball coach at Seton Hall has demonstrated some behavior strikingly similar to the coach that best demonstrates what sort of institution Rutgers is.
  • This is from a little while ago. A friend and I were talking about how the upsurge in conspiracy theory is a direct indication that we don’t have the fellowship or gratefulness to have a country. We don’t trust each other, we don’t want to be there for each other. Here’s someone, probably educated at some crackpot liberal school that teaches all kinds of stupid hippie things, who understands why life anywhere in any civilization matters.

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