Changelog 2/27/13 – 3 edited posts, including one on Leo Strauss, another on Lincoln

Did quite a bit of editing to make good on my last post. I think I’m going to go in chronological order and fix things one at a time. Still, I do want to get some posts cleaned up out of order because they’re rather important.

  • Leo Strauss, “Memorial Remarks for Jason Aronson” – after the primary source, I wrote a rambling commentary about humanity and philosophy. I’ve tried to make it a bit clearer and easier to follow, but I don’t really want to cut into it too much. There’s just a lot here and I’m happy it makes some sense in places. Let me know how’d you streamline it in the comments. I’d rather not mess with this otherwise.
  • The Beginning – the very first post I wrote for this blog in 2006. Editing it I realized I remembered the situation that led me to want my own site exactly. I actually didn’t do a good job then of describing that situation, but now you can tell I was blogging at a community (a place like Livejournal or Diaryland or whatever) and I got tired of it (to be fair, it got tired of me, too). I haven’t changed the post to how I feel now, but rather rewrote it remembering what I felt then. I’m amazed I can be more honest and forthright now – it feels easier to write.
  • On Lincoln’s Second Inaugural – added some more specific commentary on the counterfactuals Lincoln raises about God’s plan toward the end of the speech.

Hope you guys like these posts. There are more changes to come, a lot more.

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