As I’m editing this dissertation, I also want to do the same for all the entries on this blog.

Don’t get me wrong: a number of the entries do need editing and clarification. Some need to be deleted outright. Going back and fixing stuff is very, very necessary.

Why now, though? I guess I’m like anyone else in trying to find any way to procrastinate. Though that’s not entirely true – I’ve spent a lot of time away from the computer and away from reading in order to think through problems of structure and overall goals for the dissertation.

I know I want my prose to be that much sharper. That requires being able to see details anew. It isn’t just a matter of going back and cleaning up some grammar. It’s a matter of working through what I wrote, seeing what I wanted to say, emphasizing the correct details, allowing the others to stay as necessary questions. – Yeah, I know why I want to edit. –

The blog is getting considerably more views nowadays. I get a lot of feedback from people reading pretty carefully – I’ve got an audience that’s very attentive and I’m not used to this. You guys are trusting me to frame difficult issues and raise tough questions. It’s a responsibility I’m privileged to have.

Expect “changelog” posts where I call your attention to posts that have been changed. Hopefully one or two will become something really special.

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