Klyde Warren Park, Dallas

Today was beautiful, warm and breezy: first seriously nice day in a while. Mark Alonzo had the right idea – go downtown, walk around, maybe see Klyde Warren park near the Art Museum. It’s still being built. There’s novelty at least, right?

Turns out there’s more than novelty. The park didn’t fail to impress. The part closer to Pearl Street, near the Federal Reserve and the Meyerson, has an awful lot for dog walkers and people who love games you might see in a living room. Ping-pong tables, a foosball table, a putting green were some of the things I saw.

Walking down further was a gem of a children’s playground (many thanks to Laura for wanting to go in). Outside the playground were shelves of reading materials where the classics were plentiful – they had Dover Thrift editions of things like Gogol and Yeats. The playground itself was a ton of fun. I loved the styrofoam or foam rubber or whatever it was that looked like gravel but was the path. Then there was the fountain that sprayed mist where everyone was running around, the astroturfed hills with much sliding down, the monkey bars made of rope that were as intricate as a spider web. Only thing: some of the rocks in the playground are real. I would much rather they be foam rubber or something else.

All this was one part of the playground. There was another part for littler kids, with a xylophone you could play and a sand pit and a bathroom very, very close by. It’s hard for me not to say too much about the children’s playground. I can count the number of times I’ve seen people absolutely thrilled by a public space on one hand. This park is a smashing success – there were a lot of people, all having a blast.

A number of times when introducing friends to Dallas, I’ve planned to park in Uptown and walk down Pearl over to Main. The park is a perfect location for this kind of plan, so much so it’s worth a visit for itself alone.

Park website | What it’s like walking around (facebook) | Some of Mark’s really, really good photos of the day at the park (facebook)

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