Year in Review: February-March 2012

February 2012

I remember buying an issue of Poetry Magazine where various writers talked about spirituality. “A Prayer” by Robert Creeley had me thinking a long time. I remember loving its minimalism and reading it over and over. Nate Klug’s “Dare” was another poem that got me to sit and stare for a while.

I went to a funeral for someone who did a lot for others. I hope I’ve done the experience some justice and paid some small tribute. It was incredibly moving to see how one person could do so much, be there for so many. It’s a weird feeling when you’re at a funeral and you realize that person, even in death, has something to tell you right then and there.

The haiku poet Issa has a sentiment that I had to help broadcast: Napped half the day; / no one / punished me!

At least twice I wrote down some musings on relationships. There was this on an aphorism of Nietzsche’s about sensuality. A Studio Ghibli movie written by Miyazaki, “Whisper of the Heart,” had an incredible and serious depiction of adolescent love.

March 2012

Wrote a lot of original poetry in March. I think the highlight of everything I wrote, though, was this response to Colin McGinn declaring philosophy as practiced today in the academy a “science.” I say in the post that he may not have been serious. I think now there’s actually a very good chance he was entirely serious. He followed up his original article with far more about his proposal (he wanted to rename philosophy “ontics”).

It was reported Christian Wiman was working with the poetry of Mandelstam. I saw some of what he produced in The American Scholar and was blown away. I stared looking into Mandelstam more myself.

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