Links, 12/11/12

A few things of note:

  • This thing is – literally – a Nazi piano. Yes, you need to listen to it.
  • RNC launches official review on 2012 election – from the article: Crossroads is still diagnosing last month’s results.  The group digested a series of 2012 memos mixed brutal analysis with some self-reassurance.    In the first category, pollster Glen Bolger bluntly warned in top paragraph of his memo that the GOP is in danger of becoming a party that can only win in non-presidential years when the composition of the electorate doesn’t reflect the country. 
  • Megan McArdle, “Just How Wise is the Sage of Omaha?” – from the article: What that means for the value investor, amateur or professional, is that there are no longer so many great, underpriced bargains out there.  Especially since the tech boom, which has brought a wealth of new tools to even the amateur investor’s desktop.  Value investors used to have to laboriously hunt through prospectuses, calculating metrics by hand.  Now there are computer programs that can search on any metric you set and deliver hundreds of potential targets for every screening program you run.
  • In case you didn’t see it, this article on Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s stories about working at the Daily Show & Colbert Report has a lot of interesting stuff (h/t reddit). Turns out Hugh Grant is more of a dictator than some actual dictators, to take one example.

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