I’ve Brought to Art (after Cavafy)

C.P. Cavafy, “I’ve Brought to Art”

The template of a gray sky
holds bittersweet wonder.
I walk with my burden,
my achievement.
I question what has been glimpsed:
the contours of buildings,
the cloudy faces,
the loves once thought complete.
Now my submission to Art is full.
It knows, taking lines, forms –
feelings felt then and now –
projecting into the path before me,
where I must cautiously step.

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  1. This is a great statement and poem, Ashok! For me it captures the essence of a visual artist’s mind-walk. The way an artist removes the burdens of life borne by a sensitive soul, transferring them to imagery whereby he/she re-creates beauty and message which ultimately, and gratefully, lifts that burden from his/her soul and, through the work of art, lifts others.

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