A Tale of Three NYC based artists

I have to stop rewriting this dissertation to bring you Jay-Z talking to an older woman named Ellen. One of the commentators mentioned that Ellen is Ellen Grossman, a contemporary artist. Her work is incredible: “Resurgence” has a great amount of detail and the variation in it is astounding. There are videos where she explains how she makes her art online. One of the criteria I use for contemporary art is how well-made a thing is. That usually means knowing something about how an object is crafted.

I should also mention the work of Stanley Casselman, which I again encountered indirectly – this time, through Jerry Saltz’s request for knock-off paintings. Casselman’s “Dudamel” series feels to me a visual exercise in how music engulfs one. It reminds me of sheet music, though I never know quite how to comment on abstraction.

All this is brought to you by two incidents today. First, I got into a long ramble about the need to act and age gracefully, not bogged down by the weight of the past. Second, I ranted to some undergraduates about dating, and said outright that some of the anti-dating literature they might encounter doesn’t help with social niceties which can help everyone be a lot happier. There’s a way you can treat people generally, with dignity, that sometimes a celebrity can easily demonstrate. Jay-Z doesn’t let his insecurities get in the way of putting on an approachable, fun and maybe even authentic persona.

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