I’ve been blogging really well in 2012. Maybe the world will end.

Going through the archive, I realized there’s been a lot of very good writing done this year. January might have been the high point of the blog’s life, actually. There are remarks on Plato’s Minos, meant for people who haven’t read the dialogue. The status of the question “What is law?” is thought through and I think made immediate, relevant. But there’s also a close read of Euripides’ Bacchae that tries to start outlining the problem of god being man.

Moreover, there’s some timely musing on haiku: Basho, “Winter Solitude.” Still, the post I’m revisiting now is on Eliza Griswold’s visiting a refugee camp. I can’t even imagine what it is like to lose one’s home and way of life and have to start over again in good conditions.

Without further ado, some other highlights:

I always like writing on Dickinson, but I haven’t linked to all of those write-ups because they’re easy to find and evaluate. Hope you enjoy these highlights. I’m 4 away from having the nice round number of 200 for facebook likes. Would love to have a lot more attention.


  1. Thanks for the overview, Ashok. I can’t always get to read your posts right away and sometimes lose track of the emails so this is great. I’m starring it so it will float to the top and stay where I can keep refering to it as time allows. Can’t wait to read Basho and Euripides.

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