Things I want to do:

  • play and train to compete in Starcraft II (don’t have a computer powerful enough)
  • write emo love poetry (no inspiration, yet. Toyed with a few bad ideas)
  • get out of Dallas soon (making progress on this right now. Slowly editing dissertation chapters)
  • read more graphic novels (ever since I wrote the “Graphic Novels Consumed Recently” post, haven’t read any)

Things I don’t want to do:

  • blog promote (I’ve contacted about 650 potential readers personally about the blog over the last few weeks. I might have gotten 5-10 new readers)
  • read the news (“it’s crap” doesn’t even begin to describe how bad things are. The news has become literacy for the illiterate.)
  • listen to other people whine about their relationship problems (before you complain, ask yourself what you’ve done. If you’ve accomplished squat in life, be thankful you’re getting what you deserve)

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