Yeah, it’s Pledge Drive Time again

Honestly, I’m clueless about how to promote this blog nowadays.

1. Facebook likes of the blog’s fan page are appreciated, though I’m not entirely clear what good they serve. I don’t think if 10,000 people like my page in a day that will have the effect of getting any new readers. Do any of you actually “like” things your friends like? I think people hit the “like” button for things like Wal-Mart and Amazon because they’re bored.

2. I do think if one of the shorter, more thoughtful entries starts going “viral” that’ll get me readers who would get something out of this blog, stick around, promote in turn. A few posts you might want to consider promoting more:

3. I think that’s got to be the strategy, to keep hunting for those like-minded. More on this later – there was actually something rather deep said about this by an artist. After all, shouldn’t one be looking to engage different audiences, expand one’s reach along with one’s vision? Strangely enough, it might not work that way except in the rarest of cases. But I’m not sure.

What I am sure of: journalist Susannah Breslin’s request for spreading-the-word is exactly correct –

If you read my work online, which you do, you’re probably reading it for free. This is good. This is great.

But it’s not enough to passively ingest the work of creatives whose work you admire. If you want to keep reading them, you have to do something.

In this tweet, I suggest that you link to, tweet, share on Facebook, or otherwise share your love of our work with the world.

I was actually surprised and grateful she put it so directly. There are a few of you who really help this blog out a ton. But there’s a small number of you who’ll contact me personally about what I write, but never give a like or a tweet or a fave or a plus. I know you’re not being neglectful because you mean badly. Far from it: you’re not sure what to do.

I’m telling you that spreading the word is essential. One does write for an audience, especially when one makes $0. Denying this blog the opportunity to grow is not a nice thing to do. I may not be perfect, but I work hard to bring a diversity of authors and thinkers your way.

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  1. I find the same problem with my writing as well. I wonder should I spend time promoting links or use the time to write more interesting articles. The other problem that I have is that I just don’t want to go the facebook or twitter route. In fact I don’t have a twitter or facebook account. Perhaps a suggestion is like minded writers give guest writing opportunities on each other’s sites or links on blog rolls. When you figure out the answer, I’ll be looking forward to reading it on your site.

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