If you want a new beginning, consider investing in a mechanized suit of armor

Streets shattered as giant robots
strode in the city’s center to duel.
They aimed pulse guns,
hit everything but each other.
That was the day I knew I had to move.

A limb of steel and wire
fell and smashed the garage.
Salvaged my old journal,
plans for a new design.

Papers flying out of skyscrapers
reminded of drawings you sent.
I stopped by your house;
in your absence left a letter.

Finally, about to evacuate,
an eyelaser wrecked the highway.
Border of concrete and fire for miles.
Sorry, right now I’m trapped in my fears.

One day I’ll sneak into a robot,
give it better aiming software.
Will kill the other, stride over to you.
We’ll use the engine core to entertain guests,
but only I’m allowed in the control room.


  1. Beginning is a huge opportunity for a kind of success, all we need is to make things worth effective…

  2. Very lovely poem you have there. What is your inspiration when making this? I also make poems about this world and the future.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. I’m really struggling to come up with a consistent reading of this poem. “Will kill the other, stride over to you” seems to imply that the addressee is in one of the robots, but that interpretation doesn’t really fit with the way “you” is used in the title. “Border of concrete and fire for miles” makes me think of the kind of invisible barriers that you have to deal with in video games. The speaker seems trapped in a game, and seems to lack the courage to trade the experiences of this game for those of reality; but then wouldn’t a new beginning involve discarding the mechanized suit rather than investing in one?

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