For My Mother

Happy Birthday

Marigolds tried to eat his leg,
lilies wrapped around his arm.
Gardening almost collapsed into chaos.
He stepped away from the marigolds,
watered the lilies.
Consoled the piranha plant
with the googly, tearful eyes.
Even got a wheelbarrow
to collect from the money tree.

In kindergarten they get bigger quickly –
toys still lie scattered.
Caretakers make us wonder
when they can be shown care.
A sun with a smiley face
always lets happy plants and resting gardeners
cast playful shadows.

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  1. I love this poem, especially the way you evoke the game Plants and Zombies but still briefly suggest Anglo-Saxon mythology (“lilies wrapped around his arm”). I think the poem might be a little stronger if you just came out with it and said “son” rather than “sun” in the third last line.

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