Birdlike the soul finds

Frown of frustration from him;
she savaged the self crafted.
A drop of sweat almost hit the ground,
but the feathery arm was quite a surprise.
Perched, it was no struggle to take off,
and I met you while making loops in the air.

Highly placed,
transfixed by the refinement of brick, wood.
Then, gliding between buildings,
the power of the draft,
the grandeur of building.
Our day ended atop a telephone pole,
seeing the bright orange and rosy pink fade away.

We don’t have a song.
All we have is a natural strength
from an unnatural happening.
You almost left your burden in tears
before you were on that skyscraper,


  1. can’t find the david foster wallace commencement speech unless you are talking about the Kenyon college one. But that really seems to be just a rant by a severely depressed person…

  2. Any criticisms for this poem? I love reading it by its raw self, but i would much appreciate it if someone tells me of its meaning because I am not trained in poetry

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