Ora sono ubriaco d'universo. (Ungaretti)

Svenja Schmitt, “Gamer”

“Gamer” by PixieCold @ deviantart

Good portraits tell a story. This one is no exception. The discolored eyes show preoccupation with whatever is visual; textured hair glows with the intensity of some of the better game graphics. Her head is afire. What, then, to make of the floral patterns all about? The messiness of the colors, splashed everywhere? I think a statement is being made that gaming comes from a childlike imagination. A bar graph of a character’s statistics on the right parallels some flowers and stalks on the left. The wings that have the hues of roof tiles are a nice touch in this regard, as is the uneven mouth. This gamer has a rich, thoughtful imagination perhaps. She may be engaged with us, the viewer. How articulate is her speech?


  1. heyy woooow….
    thats pretty nice… love the things you wrote! Thanks a lot for that!!!!!

  2. Her eyes look like my 15 year old son’s eyes after a session of Call of Duty. I wonder what happened to her left wing?

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