I am a princess from another planet

for Emelie. Thanks to Svetlana Chmakova for inspiration.

Left the pink tiara on Mars,
the glittery shoes near Alpha Centauri.
Brought fairy wings to Earth –
yeah, they don’t seem to work anymore.

Other women are acknowledged.
One I know atop an office building
chats lively, frequently with many.
Her life, a blur of light and motion.
She’s not waiting for her slipper back.

A day among expensive, dull chairs
and long, polished tables.
Standardized work wear.
Visiting in my thrift store dress,
staring out the window.
Natural light hides
the map of the stars
once navigated at a whim.


  1. I like the line most “She’s not waiting for her slipper back.”

    But its really hard to feel that I am princess.. Agree?


  2. Hi Ashok,
    “Standardized work wear.
    Visiting in my thrift store dress,
    staring out the window.”

    Just how I feel on a regular tuesday :-)


  3. Sounds like the princess in back “down to earth”, but not so sad about it, yet knowing there is another space and time out there when she wants it?

  4. I think every girl is a princess in her own planet. Long gone are the old times when princesses lived in castles and waiting for their princes. At this modern time, princesses are often competitive as men, working in offices on top buildings.

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