Happy Easter (and a Life Update)

Owe a few of you an accounting of what’s going on:

  • Waiting to get some edits back. This is really important. The edits are going to tell me what is and isn’t going to fly when I’m questioned for the purposes of graduating. I’m kinda on edge a bit, eager to get back to work on this.
  • Reading Strauss’ essay “Farabi’s Plato.” It’s about where philosophy truly lies. From the essay: …it may be added that by transmitting the most precious knowledge, not in “systematic” works, but in the guise of a historical account, Farabi indicates his view concerning “originality” and “individuality” in philosophy: what comes to sight as the “original” or “personal” “contribution” of a philosopher is infinitely less significant than his private, and truly original and individual, understanding of the necessarily anonymous truth.
  • Still working on poetry. Even days I don’t publish, I try to write something. Usually I’m writing blank verse and failing at it.
  • In terms of women: no one. I’m more worried about dissertation stuff and asking good questions. I’ve actually found myself laughing the last few days about why no one. One reason: People take relationships a bit too seriously in bad ways. A gentleman I overheard described in detail how it was inappropriate to spend significant amounts of time with someone of the opposite sex not a significant other. This by itself might be a cause for concern, if it weren’t accompanied by a list of 500000 things that could make people jealous and were therefore the most inappropriate and wrong things in the history of morality.
  • Choir the last few days. So much choir: sang Thursday, Friday, Sunday. Friday might have been the most exhausting, though my voice was shot Sunday. Friday looked like this: practice from 11:00-12:30, then again from 3:30-5:30, then Mass from 5:30-7:20 or something. In other news, been addicted to Lauridsen’s “Lux Aeterna” – here’s “O Nata Lux.”
  • For my brother: go buy Saints Row 3. Now. The gameplay is really that good.

In sum: I’m waiting. That’s how life feels. There’s lots to do, but lots more to simply receive. The key to this feeling is the reading and writing. Every word read of, say, Strauss’ essay is an attempt to put a number of themes and ideas I work with together. The better poetry comes about when I take an image or thought and let the themes emerge. “Analysis” and “synthesis” don’t really address the obscurity I need to engage and appreciate.


  1. “A gentleman I overheard described in detail how it was inappropriate to spend significant amounts of time with someone of the opposite sex not a significant other.”

    Interesting. To be honest, I think it’s more than inappropriate to spend so much time with someone OTHER than your SO. In fact, it’s just downright STUPID. I mean… foolish and just plain stupid. Seriously. (sorry I just want to get that off my chest. Cheaters never win lol)

    I like having to read poems that paint an image on your mind about a particular theme. Or maybe a couple. It’s like putting together a puzzle. Since I don’t write much poems and if I ever do, they usually rhyme and are typically emotionally-charged, I’m not so particular about the content of it or if it makes sense at all.

    In fact, I like it better when I just don’t get it at all but the arrangement of words and the way it sounds when I recite them is what captivates me the most. They have a profound effect on one’s mood and they touch the heart. I’ve learned that when you can remember so quickly the words of a poem or phrase, it means that they touched your heart and that’s why you’ll never forget them.

  2. Interesting topic. Why do you think it is stupid and foolish? I don’t know why, but I am not comfortable with my loved one spending a lot of time with another girl.

    Thanks for this post!

    -Morgan Y.

  3. (Just playing devil’s advocate…)

    How is someone supposed to become your “significant other” in the first place if you don’t spend an “appropriate” amount of time courting them?


  4. Women nowadays are hard to please. I wonder why other guys don’t see it as a challenging thing. Do you think it could be that easy? Anyway, thanks for this productive post.


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