Lack of Focus (haiku)

Failure to study –
a fungus upon a log,
looking like a frog.

A note regarding the recent haiku – yes, I’m reading plenty for the dissertation and other projects. But I want to start making myself write poetry just to see what happens. It’s a phase, sure. I can’t say it’s unpleasant.

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  1. Once again regulation threatens an important american industry:

    “But a new ordinance requiring actors in pornographic films made in Los Angeles to use condoms could drive the multibillion-dollar industry from the city…While sexual health advocates have hailed the requirement as a milestone in protecting the health of sex-film performers, pornographic film executives, who have long maintained that condom use in their movies cuts sharply into sales, have said they will have to consider relocating their operations.“Clearly, the viewing public doesn’t want to watch movies with condoms,””

    The Wsj does a report on Fracking:

    “Some energy companies, state regulators, academics and environmentalists are reaching consensus that natural-gas drilling has led to several incidents of water pollution—but not because of fracking. The energy officials and some environmentalists agree that poorly built wells are to blame for some cases of water contamination. In those cases, they say, wells weren’t properly sealed with subterranean cement, which allowed contaminants to travel up the well bore from deep underground into shallow aquifers that provide drinking water.”

    A ruling on colluding e-book publishers may aid Amazon in its goal to dominate the industry:

    “An investigation by the Justice Department of pricing collusion between Apple and electronic book publishers has been building in recent months as antitrust officials have pressured five major publishers to reach a settlement, threatening to sue them on charges of working together to raise the price of e-books, people with knowledge of the inquiry said Thursday… If that system were to disappear, it would be a boon to Amazon, said Mike Shatzkin, chief executive of the Idea Logical Company, which advises book publishers on digital change, adding that it would be ”essentially bad news for just about everybody else in the book business.” ”Ultimately, that would mean that the price of books is going to come down and the amount of money that authors can earn is going to come down,” Mr. Shatzkin said.”

    ESPN’s Jay Bilas has some interesting thoughts on the state of college basketball. He had a superb interview on Charlie Rose, and some the views he espoused are found in an article on him:

    “Bilas is annoyed. The Pittsburgh-St. John’s game we had on in the room has turned into yet another defensive slugfest. “These 50-point games … that’s bad for the sport,” he said. “The biggest problem is how physical the game has gotten. Look at that. That’s a foul. That’s a foul. That’s a foul, too! Oh, they called that one,” he said to the screen, gesturing with his hand. “It’s gotten ridiculous.” If Bilas were the czar of college basketball, as has been suggested, fixing the charge/block issue would be near the top of his list. He’d also like all shot clocks to be uniform (college, NBA, international), and he’d like to see one at the high school level, too. Bilas also doesn’t think timeouts should be called during live action. “I don’t know any other sport where you can do that.””

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