How hard is it to blog well for one’s birthday?

…it’s my birthday in 2 days: March 3rd. Usually I take the time to reflect privately in my journal. This time, I’m thinking of writing something a bit more involved. So I started looking through old blog posts on or around birthday time for inspiration.

I’ve got virtually nothing. Last year, I didn’t blog until late March (not a bad idea, actually). The year before, I marked my own birthday by posting a bunch of links. 2009 featured a more public reflection, one in which I call people “losers” and then muse about my own failures. 2008 is me complaining that the day itself just straight-up sucked.

I’ll figure something out. There are a few very important things to be said. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the true task of a scholar. I can’t make people think. But I can help preserve the past, bring back into consideration important themes, offer serious criticism of the present, outline a few ideas about the future, and say something directly relevant about what is worth thinking about and focusing on. It’s all the more important as the world increasingly watches reruns of bad tv shows and mash-ups of those reruns.

So we’ll see. If the rhetoric is sounding a bit defensive, it is. It is hard to square any of the higher tasks with day-to-day life. Drawing out the connection well might be worth some reflection.

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  1. Advance Happy Birthday Ashok! Wishing you all the best of luck. I hope this year would be a great year for you.

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