Links, 2/11/12

  • Caitlin Flanagan, “The Autumn of Joan Didion” – been sharing this a lot. It brings back a time in America when writers could be celebrities on a level unimaginable today. And it doesn’t avoid the darkness of that time.
  • Megan McArdle, “The Graduates” – something about this is very irritating. Oh yeah (from the article): At some point in the weekend—probably after that second round of shots—someone said, “We are the 1 percent!” I pointed out that this is not literally true, since the entry point (as of 2009) for the top 1 percent is $343,927 a year.
  • Charley Rosen has a scouting report on Jeremy Lin – from the article: When Derek Fisher tried to play bump-and-bang defense, the savvy veteran was unable to either derail or intimidate the 6-3, 200-pound Lin. Nor did the shot-blocking presence of Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol discourage Lin from driving to the rim and using both sides of the rim to make a variety of flippers and complicated layups.
  • This is kinda neat, again from The Atlantic  – it’s a quick introduction to the thought of John Rawls.
  • This little bit of Corelli is a lot of fun. Lively and engaging baroque music.


  1. I love the link on Jeremy Lin best. I agree with Charley Rosen, the Knick’s guard is really driving the league Linsane.

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