What today felt like – not having success means being in a very precarious situation. It felt that way even before a certain incident, because small failures aren’t really small failures. The whole reasoning behind doing something with a long term result is that incremental progress can at least be felt. What happens when even that feeling of progress is challenged? What happens when it feels large setbacks could be experienced any time?

Things, for now, have seemed to resolve very well. But I think I need a project where I get results that get others to look out for me. I’m reading and writing well, learning from quite a few continually. I’m doing well in what is most important.

I feel I need a project where I can see more or less immediate results, though. I guess I should finish off my posts on Xenophon’s Memorabilia II.7 and wait a bit. Starting an online course would be too much hassle and not allow me to lecture and read with others in the flesh. It is tempting to try and get tens, if not hundreds or thousands, to sign up and read Plato with me. Then again, want this feeling to go away, truth be told. I’m doing a lot already. Putting more good stuff into my mind has to be the priority. Success can wait, I hope.

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