Updating the blogroll…

…and I’m bad at this. The old rule was linking to anyone and everyone. Now I’m pretty sure the blogroll is getting a solid number of visits. Before I stopped counting, quite a few people were using it. And this place is getting plenty of attention nowadays with more to come.

So while I haven’t eliminated all the dead links, I think I should introduce you to some of the highlights of the updated blogroll so far. You’ll notice that some people who’ve helped my work find an audience are listed: David Sullivan (visit his photo site), Emory Rowland (Clickfire’s review of webhosts is comprehensive), Ario, Xiane (add her on twitter), Melinda, Opal, Mitchell Allen. There are more, of course. You’ll notice I’ve linked a bunch of tumblrs who have been very supportive of my work.

Other things to note on the blogroll:

  • The Leading Tone is an awesome tumblr; it probably is the most engaging classical music blog I’ve seen. A side project of me and some friends is Classically Sound – the idea is to get everyone contributing something about classical music. That hasn’t happened yet, but I think it will. For now, I’m content to keep it updated.
  • The journo blogs I’m reading regularly: McArdle, Cost, Weigel. Wish Kristine Lowe would blog more.
  • UD artists: Carrie Baker, Francisco Vargas, Rachel Muldez and Mirka Hokkanen. You guys get one side of my school when I talk about a more conservative approach to learning. There is some awesome art produced there and I regret that I’m always playing catch-up to it.

There’s so much more, so many to thank, so many to promote. If you’re linked to me and want a link back, let me know. You make my job easier when you talk to me.


  1. Hi Ashok, some reason your Facebook page doesn’t come up on my Facebook timeline. Congrats,
    Ashok, you have a educational site, and so I’m pleased that it’s receiving recognition. I’ll have to wander to your FaceBook page, since I tend to link out a lot on FB. I’ve linked to a few of your posts before, but it’s been directly from your site.

    Have you tried Pinterest, if so what are your thoughts?

    I love classical music, and so I’ll check out your tumblr page too. I started playing the piano at age eight, and my teacher only had me playing classical music for about four years.

  2. Thanks, Ashok. It’s been great connecting with you and reading your work over the years. I admire your persistance as well. Keep it up, Bro!

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