Links, 1/6/12

  • U.S. Navy saves Iranians from Pirates (Wired) – from the article: Just days after Iran threatened the U.S. Navy and bloviated about closing off the Strait of Hormuz, the Navy saved 13 Iranian commercial sailors from pirates.
  • Jay Cost, “The Nomination Rules Are Rigged Against Grassroots Conservatives” – so let’s say the GOP nominated no less than Ronald Reagan again. Is the country the same it was in 1980? Cost has several notions which are in themselves correct and yet may add up to nothing: 1) conservatives are the backbone of the Republican party 2) the primary system is a mess 3) people get regularly nominated who are out-of-step with the base. I’m not clear on how establishing fixes from these observations one gets a more electable candidate who makes conservatism more palatable to the country (I’m not saying you would get a worse party, though). Cost’s older posts that worried about how partisan and factionalized we are as a country are more on the money, are by far the larger concern.
  • Richard Striner, “Abraham Lincoln’s Audacious Plan” – from the page: …in late 1861 he began to develop a plan that, even during that most unusual of times, was audacious in the extreme: the federal government would buy out Delaware’s entire slave population.
  • All the fine art you could ever want – one of the nicest places on the web:
  • Beethoven, String Trio No. 3 in G major Op. 9 No. 1 – Allegro con brio

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  1. I don`t think you can say the Iranian people feel how their government feels regarding Israel, U.S.A.
    therefor its kinda hard to say that Iran owes USA now.
    I think 95% of them would prefer the navy take them with us to U.S.

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