Links, 1/19/12

  • Steve Jobs (h/t Josh): If we gave vouchers to parents for $4,400 a year, schools would be starting right and left. People would get out of college and say, “Let’s start a school.” You could have a track at Stanford within the MBA program on how to be the businessperson of a school. And that MBA would get together with somebody else, and they’d start schools. And you’d have these young, idealistic people starting schools, working for pennies.
  • Btw, re: the above link. I was asked if I want to teach today and I made such a face that the questioner immediately backed away from that question. I didn’t even realize how much I was scowling.
  • Putin and the Uses of History (again, h/t Josh): Excellent, hopefully useful profile. The word “law” occurs exactly once, in reference to a professor of Putin’s.
  • How Copyright Industries Con Congress: It won’t surprise you to know those job-creation numbers Congressmen and lobbyists spout at us are completely phony. Just how extensive the scam is, though, is another story.
  • Megan McArdle, “Mayor Vincent Gray, Protector of Incumbents Everywhere (in D.C.)” – yeah, its about D.C. But I think the larger lesson is that a reformer or two or even a small movement isn’t enough. You’ve got to get an entrenched interest or two on your side to prevent every entrenched interest from using the law as their enforcer. Or you can hope everyone is severely discontented just like you are.
  • Yuja Wang plays Scriabin – I’m messing with the first of the Preludes played right now, so I’m listening to this too much.

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