What I’ve learned from Skyrim so far

Spoilers ahead. Looking for tips and ideas on how to build this character properly & how to not die as much.

My mage is only level 13. I’m not good with controls and I try to play him hesitantly. Still, I explore a lot (and therefore die a lot). Working on enchanting, destruction and speech. Really want to cast chain lightning as soon as possible and have equipment ready to reduce that cost.

1. Getting married early is a good idea. That 100 gold a day from your husband or wife’s shop can really help out as your adventuring is hit or miss in terms of valuable items. Your ability to sell things for a decent price is also an issue. I’ve been turning iron into gold using transmute and making jewelry. It’d be  more fun if I weren’t getting 50 for a gold necklace with value 120. I’ve been running out of the petty soul gems I need to boost the value.

2. Having a small army is a lot of fun and is absolutely necessary to get through some areas. My little old mage approached Valtheim Towers. Taking out the archers and weaker bandits would be no problem if it weren’t for the bandit chief at the top of the tower. Died a few times trying to trigger only one mob at a time. Solution: Summoned a flame atronach and shot a lightning bolt at the archers up top. Knew the bolt would miss and that the atronach would start going ape on the archers. The bandit chief came down and met a lot of frostbite and unrelenting force.

Will this tactic work at higher levels of difficulty? Absolutely not. But it is fundamental to good gameplay. When I had a follower – before Lydia bugged out – I was able to isolate mobs and attack them 3 on 1 with the summon, me and her.

3. Need to compile a list of achievable low level quests. I love exploring, but I really, really hate dying. I don’t mind dying when trying out new strategies. But this whole “you’ve stumbled upon an area which is just way too high level” thing gets annoying. I think I went into The Sightless Pit at level 6 and with Lydia and the atronach was able to take on some Falmer and these deadly bugs that use sparks. Still, things got crazy. The only way out was to run away entirely, and even that entailed dying about 1000 times.

So I think – no, I know – a really useful bunch of hints for noobs will include a list of low level quests with no spoilers. I have to figure out, for myself, how to explore a bit more cautiously. If I can figure that out, I’ll feel set both in terms of game play and something larger: creating a believable character in the game world, one that acts and reacts appropriate to his abilities.


  1. Hi Ashok,

    I had no idea you played video games. Do you play any other MMOs or MMORPGs?

    The game play sounds interesting. I just haven’t had time to check it out, or play too many games. Another one of my blogging pals Kaozz of Ectmmo.com has played Skyrim. She seems to like it, and has blogged about the gameplay.

    I haven’t purchased it — yet. I believe my favorite within The Elder Scrolls series was Morrowind. I did like Oblivion, just not as much.

    Bethsoft is located in Maryland. This coming summer I’m planning to take my daughter there for a visit.

  2. I’m sure you picked your listed focus areas because they appeal to you, and they’ll be great at later levels.

    Unfortunately, the difficulty scales with level, irrespective of tanking ability, and you are getting owned as a result.

    Focus on not taking damage for a few levels, and you’ll do fine. You can do that by:
    Light or heavy armor
    Alteration-cast armor
    Conjuring atronauchs
    Friending tank-heavy npc’s to party with you
    Sneaking around and backstabbing *everyone*
    Staggering with destruction dual-casting
    Archery (somewhat)

    Basically, stop standing in melee range wearing robes, and don’t tackle ranged characters unless you can shift aggro to another party member. Note that illusion will let you down in boss fights.


  3. I just came across this post. How did I miss this?! I love Skyrim. I played Fallout 3 before which helped know kind of what to do. I have yet to find out how to get married ha ha. I have a mage too. I love the fire and ice spells. I’m going to assume you play on PC …I’m on Xbox.

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