“The real issue is that fame has such a narrow definition that Kim Kardashian has it and virtually no one else.”

I said that while ranting on tumblr. Barely even realized it at the moment, but it was an expansion on another post of mine: “What does success on the Internet look like?” In that post, I focused on money and institutions as shaping a different sort of attention than the one I am seeking. In the rant, the emphasis is on the already hard-won recognition that itself won’t be recognized.

Both sets of views may not be entirely consistent. But I think a few actions have to be taken:

  • Pulled off sitemeter because I don’t want to know my statistics anymore. I’ll more than likely approach 20,000 visitors this month and that’s good enough.
  • Keep the focus on writing. Yeah, I’ve been more conversational recently. I have no regrets about this: I’ll get plenty on poetry and philosophy written soon.
  • Focus on community. By far the trickiest thing. I need to get more people talking to each other on the fanpage and my actual facebook page and in the comments here. I don’t want it to be forced. I want this to be a place where people can feel free to be intelligent and not worry about what others say.
  • Use different measureables. From here on out, it’s comments, facebook likes, tweets, reblogs, people responding on their blogs, e-mails, etc. Not that any of them actually tell the worth of a post. More like: that’s all we’ve got to go on, and they might not be worth measuring. They only tell what people are responding to. I don’t plan on writing the same post over and over to get a response.

The point of all this is to get the best possible audience, not just any audience. That a blog like this can prosper we know already. What’s next is up to us, literally.

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