Mendelssohn, Piano Sextet in D major Op. 110

1. Allegro vivace part 1, part 2 | 2. Adagio | 3. Menuetto | 4. Allegro vivace part 1, part 2

Mendelssohn wrote this extremely accessible, charming work at 15. I’ll let the New York Times critic who alerted me to it tell more:

This four-movement piece of nearly 30 minutes is like a concerto for piano and a deferential roster of strings. The music has Mozartean elegance, with early Romantic flourishes. Mendelssohn wrote the piano part to display what was by all reports his remarkable virtuosity. (Anthony Tommasini, “A Sextet from Mendelssohn, Made for Showing Off”)

If you’re pressed for time, the 4th movement is especially good. I don’t quite feel the “pull” some slower movements should have in the Adagio & Menuetto. (I feel like I’m complaining about foie gras). It’s amazing, nonetheless: I couldn’t tie my shoelaces at 15. Hope you enjoy.


  1. It’s always amazing to me that *anyone* can write a complex piece of music, but to produce something as wonderful as this at 15 is just stunning.

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