Rainy, gray. Cold gets annoying if you’re out a bit too long; the humidity makes it worse than it would be otherwise.

Still. It’s beautiful in Dallas in December. The trees have changed color. It isn’t an intense Autumn, there’s lots of green, but it’s a palette unlike any other. A friend and I were driving around slowly to purposely just look at the trees.

As many of you are aware, I’m rewriting the dissertation to fit in with a more focused thesis. I think the thesis is worthwhile. It’s pushing me to articulate just how many tensions are at play in Xenophon. I’ll need revisions – the second chapter is a bit clunky at the moment – but I’m happy that the previous drafts are contributing heavily to this. This is pretty much a final draft and it is going to occupy my weekend.

I don’t know what to tell you about a graduation date. I’m looking forward to having one. But that’s up to forces which are beyond me.

If you’re curious to read what I have, the first chapter needs some work, but I’m happy to share it. It includes a line-by-line read of one of Xenophon’s own chapters. You need not have read the book in order to understand what I have, since you can skip my commentary and read the excerpted Xenophon, which is in the order it originally was (albeit broken up).


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