“But without God, the universe is meaningless. Life is meaningless. We’re meaningless. (Deadly pause) I have a sudden and overpowering urge to get laid.”

Hemingway consistently links sex and death. Is the link as simple as “there is no eternal, rational order, all things pass away, this is depressing and we need to occupy ourselves with something or someone?”

It’s too much, too soon. No God means nothing is meaningful? 99% of believers won’t grant that: people of all sorts do amazing things in life; they show there might be something worth believing in.

And do we just get laid, or are we picky? Our very biology doesn’t let us be so mindless. We could say it’s all a cruel joke, but in order to say that, one thing must not be a cruel joke.

The problem isn’t meaninglessness. The real issue is that some people get no chance in life, or no real chance. It’s very difficult to square that with a notion of a just God or justice simply. I’m not saying that statement proves anything; it’s just a problem all of us have to deal with by virtue of being human. The link between sex and death isn’t that sex is a distraction. If it were, we’d be getting laid a lot more. We are desiring, needy beings who are seeking not “permanence” or “meaning” but anything good. We’re not denying a larger problem as much as postponing it. There’s a lot more to think about before complaining about all of it.

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