Ashok’s Thanksgiving Adventure, Part 1

Hopefully there won’t be a part 2 to this, other than “Thanksgiving was awesome and a ton of people came over and we all had fun.”

But yeah. As things stand, a number of undergraduates and a few others don’t have a place to celebrate Thanksgiving in the area. So this means I have to get my rusty set of cooking skills together and activate them. From my previous attempts, my cooking isn’t that bad. It’s just slow and I’m nervous about everything. I think this time out, things might be awesome. Here’s the recipe for the turkey:

And reading over the directions, I’ve been reminded: get a stockpot, gotta make that brine.

Also on the menu is some green bean casserole as a side, and I’ve got rolls and plenty of pita chips, carrots and hummus to work as an appetizer. There should be cranberry sauce and potatoes forthcoming, though others have told me they’d like to take the lead on that. And there are desserts (bought cookies and chocolate and am looking forward to opening one of the bars). I just want more food. There are going to be 6-7 people around, at least. The turkey alone is a huge help, but some variety is going to be crucial to the whole thing.

If you’ve got suggestions, I’m all ears. I want to get full, drink something, watch a movie.


  1. Mmm, that all looks good! I found a good recipe tonight for a pear and arugula salad with walnuts and feta – I think it’ll be a lighter option in between some heavier dishes. It might also be fun to do cranberry flavored cocktails?

  2. Hi Ashok,

    I was going to suggest a salad, but Catherine beat me to it.

    Our Thanksgiving is spent in South Carolina with my mothers side of the family. She comes from a large family, and so there’s plenty of mouths to feed. My aunties and I tend to go overboard with the cooking. However it’s a great time to bond, and reconnect with relatives I don’t see that much.

    Let’s see some of the side dishes we prepare are…

    Mac & cheese (homemade not store bought), potato salad, mashed potatoes, steamed corn, seafood salad, Steamed greens, and a green bean salad. etc., there’s a whole host of other things we make, but hopefully that will give you some ideas.

    If others want to bring something, let them. It will add more to the menu, and it might help ease some of the nervousness you might feel, since you have fewer items to focus on preparing.

    That’s very nice of you to open up your space to feed those who might not have a place to celebrate their Thanksgiving meal. Here’s hoping you and your friends have a lovely Thanksgiving.

  3. Along the salad lines, my Grandma always makes coleslaw. I’m not that into coleslaw, but she seems to think it goes really well with Thanksgiving dinner. Some sort of squash or sweet potato dish might be good. My other family does this potato salad with heavy cream. It has to be horrible for you, but it is pretty good. And red rice, which is definitely an island thing; people may look at you crazy.

    If nobody else brings the cranberries I would suggest making them yourself rather than opening a can. It’s next to effortless and so much better.

    Ya’ll have fun!!

  4. Hi,
    While I have never brined a turkey, I have used this recipe as a guide to cooking the bird and it turned out awesome. The aromatics in the belly of the turkey make this a sweet eat.

    I am not sure if it was in the Alton Brown recipe or not, but stuffing a turkey is not the ideal way to make stuffing, as they cook at different speeds.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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