20,000 unique visitors this month. Thank you all.

You don’t know how pumped I am about this. Every time I see that you’ve liked stuff from here on facebook or shared it on digg, reddit, stumbleupon, old dogg, chime.in, twitter – it means a lot. In retrospect, I don’t know that I would have wanted to be successful merely on my own. It’s no fun that way. I learn a lot from your comments, the links you share with me, and from those of you I’m privileged to keep up with. Running a blog is very much getting to know all of you, and I’m grateful.

So again, thank you. I’m busy writing on Xenophon at the moment and the writing is going well (it does need some serious editing). The blog is obviously doing well. Where others create a space, I can work well and have a chance at being effective. But you guys create a “space,” not me. Without you, it’s a vacuum, not really space but nothingness. “Freedom” and “community” may not be concepts as divorced as we sometimes pretend they are.

I would really like it if some of the older entries got into the hands of the right people. I want more readers, but I’m aware they have to be the right sort, the ones that are excited to read heady stuff, think through it and share, not ones looking to make professional-sounding points over the same old, same old:

I can’t wait until I can do more than just write. Sometimes I feel like I’m throwing messages in a bottle. It’s refreshing when it is crystal clear that is emphatically not the case.


  1. First Jersey Shore. Then Columbia. Now Vinny takes rap music to the next level:


    Peter Nadas’ new novel defies conventional structure, so much so he wrote an academic article about his own novel:

    “As a theory of the novel, this might be interesting. But theories of the novel are usually best left to scholars, not artists. Peter Nadas, as it happens, is both. He has even written an academic article about his own book, “Structure and Plot Patterns in ‘Parallel Stories.’ ” The humdrum theorist Peter Nadas constantly spars with the virtuoso novelist Peter Nadas, almost as if determined to defeat him.”


    Good Book!


    Good book, that got slammed in the review:


  2. This blog is mixed in tightly with political, financial and climate related feeds in my reader…. I look for it first.

    Glad you’re doing this Ashok. And happy it’s raising its portrait above the din.

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