Nearing 500,000 visitors. Would like a little more help getting there.

Re: my day job. Waiting for people to get back to me. Probably going to take longer than I’d like. Am about to go do some more reading and writing.

Re: here. Hey, I’m nearing 500,000 visitors for the life of this site. I’m at 495,000 right now. Can I get 5,000 more visitors before November? And what would be the point of trying that?

I’ll answer the latter question first. Ever since the Facebook “like” button appeared at the bottom of posts (a huge thank you to Amanda Ball for her suggestion), I’ve been getting a good number of “likes” (many thanks to all of you), and there’s been some awesome conversation surrounding many of the shares. Bringing in more traffic that would use the “like” button is a priority. I think such traffic would be happy to read the interview and visit the fan page. The real fun lies in trying to get people to “like” the denser stuff on this blog:

So I want to see the Internet start discussing the above while I’m waiting for things to sort themselves out. A campaign to get 5,000 visitors – esp. to those entries – probably is a good idea. The only question now is: what do I write when all the traffic starts pouring in? What do you want to see me write about?


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