Interviewed – this time about the state of the arts on campus

What puzzled me yesterday:

It’s really strange at a university where we have a bunch of English majors who will devote a whole semester to the canon of one poet, a bunch of amateur musicians, we have a lot of people reading these difficult philosophical texts, and yet we’re not more artsy.

– from an interview conducted by the “Arts and Entertainment at University of Dallas” blog

Hope you do read it. There are some comments about blogging and campus culture. The larger question of the significance of the arts both on campus and the Internet was something we didn’t touch. At the least, the arts are more refined expression. They require effort, craft and oftentimes thought. Responding critically is also an involved process.

I don’t think we all become better magically because we produce and look at art. I do think this, though: if we lack seriousness about the arts, that’s a problem. It is very easy to read things like philosophy badly and crudely justify one’s more impulsive views. At the least, the arts might represent an intermediate step, as they can get us to stop and reflect in another – sometimes more passionate – way.

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