Anthony Jacobus, “Silence!”

For me, Anthony Jacobus’ “Silence!” series starts with this portrait of a woman in period costume. The greys and whites take on linear and swirling shapes; the clash between young and old is nowhere more evident than in her youth and the decayed panel behind her. She doesn’t look defeated or exhausted to me – she seems searching. Sometimes we find chairs, places that define how we sit, uncomfortable. She could care less about her dress and seems comfortable enough. Are those red lines puppet strings or projecting outward? We might say she’s waiting for what’s next, that she has been defeated, that she is trapped in conventionality. I’m not the best at reading body language and tend to think more positively about people under duress. Sometimes silence conceals the strength of human nature.

Jacobus’ work is at – he was a joy to talk to when I met him at the Art N Form gallery in Fort Worth. Many thanks to Trevor and Marina for their patience with me while we were there.


  1. “Sometimes silence conceals the strength of human nature.” That’s a fascinating statement. I think your description of the portrait sounds fairly accurate, at least to me, and your analysis of the composition brings much thought into consideration. I was also thinking the same way when you pointed out her look or the expression that seems out of place.

  2. I think… “SILENCE!” Have a glamour of the darkness… not all what we thinking the “black side” or “the horor side” always bloody, scary and ugly stlye. I love this style

    I love how the white skin n clean dresses of her… i love the red line in her mounth.. it is mean “yes… iam silence but… my silence so BRAVE n dangerous… !” it is red! Then you can see how the position of her sit… the condition of the wall or the door… she is in the bridle


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