Rapidly approaching 450,000 uniques. Thank you for your support!

The last time I marked a traffic milestone was May, when Rethink hit 400,000. I loved writing that post and thanking all of you: the community that’s formed around this blog is just incredible.

Well, it’s been a little over three months and there have been 50,000 more visitors since then. It’s not 10,000 a day, which is the traffic I’ll feel comfortable with. But there are no complaints on my part – that’s a lot of people for a blog that talks about Plato, Emily Dickinson, Xenophon, Yeats, Kay Ryan and a host of others. You’d think the classical music and art posts would keep people away. Maybe that’s happening, maybe not, but the truth is there’s rapid growth and I need to say thank you to all of you once again.

Please keep the growth coming – I encourage you to like the Facebook page if you haven’t already & share the link for the interview.

A few things that don’t get much attention and really should:

Thank you all so much. It’s a pleasure to write for all of you. I’m going to try to get away from the computer for a few days and read for myself. *fingers crossed*

P.S. Almost forgot – if you’ve made it this far, something I know all of you will like.


  1. There’s nothing wrong with covering the topics that you do. Sometimes a site’s “niche” following can prove more rewarding than that of a site that covers anything and everything…

  2. Congratulations! I think that is incredible and well deserved. I’m so glad you are getting the attention your writing deserves. Here is to an even better year ahead…cheers! *clink*

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