Links, 8/23/11


  1. This is pretty much only regarding the second link (about Dems). I could see where Boeings move could be seen as retaliation, but I think bounds were overstepped. If expansion at puget would be fiscally unsound and the plant in the other place would pick up slack, why try to close them down? Its a tough line to toe, and I don’t envy who made that decision.

    That said, my father is a Professor of Business Strategy and often uses southwest airlines as an example of a highly unionized highly PROFITABLE company. Incidentally, southwest has more than 500 boeing planes in its fleet. If boeing was trying to retaliate, it could cost them more than just a shut plant.

  2. The last link is quite interesting. I have never really though much about what type of hair is appropriate on woman and me having curly hair, I really never thought it might affect the way i wear it in the business world. It is something to think about.

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