Lots to do. The paper that I pledged to work on is nearing completion and will be awesome. Details on that later, esp. when we hear the good news of “acceptance.” The paper that I have to work on – well, that’s a different story, and I wanted it done last month. I’m going to have it done in the next few days and it’ll be good. I don’t know whether I’ll be proud – more relieved than anything.

Then things are up in the air. I hate the feeling that there’s a period of time where one has to wait regarding the most important things. I know I procrastinate because of that. I don’t want to wait. I want to get things done, achieve a result.

I really have to learn this “patience” thing. I don’t think patience is necessarily a virtue. I think it is useful or not useful depending on the situation. In my case, it is very useful. To take one major example: I built this blog in order that it would find me an audience. Being impatient with it often and forcing the audience is counterproductive in the extreme; I’m failing to understand my own goal.

I’m off to read. I’ll be posting again shortly, once obligations are met.


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