Links, 7/23/11

  • Kristine Lowe, “Terror in Oslo” – from the article: VG, Norway’s largest newspaper and also my main employer, was right across the street from the governement headquarters where the bomb went off, and large sections VG’s glass walls facing the explosion fell out…
  • Megan McArdle, “Getting Specific on Spending” – from the article: The tea party is not a majority.  If you piss off every single other constituency in the United States, they will gang up against you, and they will win.
  • Questions for Lisa Kudrow (Slate) – from the article: It was only, like, the second season of The Amazing Race, and people were vomiting and crying on national television. And I just thought, “That’s the end of the world.” You don’t even care that someone is watching you vomiting and crying while your husband is yelling at you to eat the horribly spicy ipecac.
  • 7 Fantastical Indie RPG’s Worth Playing (Wired, h/t Josh) – looks like I have a new way of killing incredible amounts of time. Watch the trailer for the Charles Barkley post-apocalypse epic.

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