I Want a Ton More Facebook Likes So I Don’t Have To Mess Around with Google +1

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I’m sure Google has made a fine product with Google +1 that measures up to the Facebook “Like.” It probably would be worthwhile to install the buttons, get my Google profile set up correctly, start promoting with a new network. I certainly am not opposed to any of you promoting my content there.

But you know what? I want to be able to pretend I have a life. And while this site is known on some social networks, it could be a lot better known on Facebook, which already has most people that I would want to communicate with signed up. Facebook is a huge opportunity for me that I’ve only scratched the surface of.

So here’s the plan: I imagine I’ll be installing those Google +1 buttons soon enough and eating my words. I certainly get into my paranoid moods. But I’d like it if this was one bit of promotion I didn’t have to do. I would very much appreciate it if you’d “like” the fan page on Facebook if you haven’t done so already. If you have, you can feel free to recommend this blog to someone. An interview with me is linked above that explains who I am and why I am so boring. And here are a few entries that might get someone interested in actually reading Rethink:

If you think I should get into high gear with Google +1, let me know. I’m antsy about this blog being successful. But I’m even more nervous about losing what I have.


  1. @Joe – thanks so much!

    @Jon – I’ve noticed: thank you so much for the consistent support. I wish there was some way I could thank longtime readers more. I think the best way is to just get more of an audience and see what happens.

  2. Ashok-

    I actually think you had done this at some point in the past, but I might be remembering something that didn’t happen. I wonder if it would be a good idea to include a “share this on Facebook” link or something similar on your blog posts.

    I really just noticed that there was not one yesterday (I guess I assumed there was or there was in the past).

  3. now, you can sign up for Google+ using your personal Gmail login but not a Google Apps identity linked to the domain. So, Google effectively snubbed some of its most loyal users, some of them paying customers.

  4. My personal experience of Google+ is positive; I prefer the interface to Facebook. The features are fantastic, in particular the click and drag for photo upload and ability to put people into circles.

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