For WordPress Users: Piotr Sochalewski’s “Readbility” is a great plug-in, with terrific support

Some of you have noticed that right under the title of individual entries is a very small “Readability” link. It takes you to the entry with larger font and a distraction-free setting. Safari users have this option for nearly any site: there’s an “Enter Reader” option in their “View” menu. (If you’re interested, I use and recommend Firefox 4, which is really very fast and has quite a few neat options).

In any case, I’m very happy with the “Readability” plug-in, and I wanted to thank Piotr Sochalewski for being responsive to issues I had (I wanted it to work better with blockquotes and bullet-points). I encourage you to visit the download page for “Readability” and consider using it if you use WordPress. Perhaps even give his page a stumble if you use Stumbleupon, or put it on reddit…

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