Links, 6/12/11

  • Bill Ardolino, “Real Progress in Afghanistan… but to what end?” – from the article: At the very least, momentum in punishing the Taliban requires another year or two at the current operational tempo. But ideally, if the goal is to keep the country from reverting to a redoubt for violent extremists, the stabilization of Afghanistan is more of a generational development project than it is a war.
  • Salvatore Scibona, “Where I Learned to Read” – waxes a bit romantic about St. John’s Great Books curriculum, but make no mistake: the graduates of that program I’ve met are awesome, thoughtful people. A further comment on why reading well matters so much is forthcoming.
  • Wesley Yang, “Paper Tigers” (h/t Pretter Than Napoleon) – I’ve known about this article for some time, but I’m trying to combine it with the above about reading well. Something about “achievement” doesn’t do justice to reading well, even as it is necessary to it.
  • Haydn, “Emperor” Quartet in C-Major – just linking to the first movement. It goes without saying the recording is excellent. The second movement all of you will recognize.


  1. Maybe it’s just the pessimist in me, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Afghanistan will always be a haven for radicals. As with any ideology (for example, Democracy), the proponents of murderous ideals may be, initially, driven away or die, but the ideals themselves will live on in the hearts and minds of followers…

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