Joshua Rocks for Freeholder Campaign Update, 6/24

I don’t want to talk about everything we’re doing – some of it has tactical value that will make this election competitive despite being our outnumbered 3 to 1. A smart opponent who takes us seriously can probably guess what we’re up to, but while I don’t doubt our opponents are savvy, taking us seriously is hard to do when their efforts should probably be focused on rallying the base.

But to let you know what’s been happening:

  • We started phone-banking again this week. It doesn’t matter if one person out of every 75 calls takes any interest in the campaign. That’s one person more than we would have gotten otherwise. We’re not shy about leaving messages, either.
  • A “money bomb” is going out shortly. These things typically require large and intense Internet support. If you’ve got ideas for how to promote this thing, I’m all ears.
  • Not quite a “money bomb,” but our attempt to get the message in its most basic form out: Bring positive change to Camden County, in 2011.
  • We don’t get a lot of media coverage, but I want to point you to these two blog posts that expand on some points made in Josh’s platform: “Rocks to tackle old Pennsauken Mart site” and “Rocks is the vote for Freeholder in 2011”

There’s more than this going on, a lot more. The reason for this post is that we need a lot of help getting the word out, especially to residents of Camden County NJ. I can tell you right now that money for campaigning goes strictly into getting the word out, nothing more. I’ve been thinking about that a lot recently, and I’ve realized that on a larger level it is a very sad state of affairs. Getting the message out in a democracy – where people should care to hear serious opinions, especially about their own governance – shouldn’t require thousands of dollars. A lot of what we’re doing is fighting apathy. Then again, I wonder why I’m surprised. I’ve been blogging for years, after all.

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