Links, 5/8/11

  • Jay Cost, “If Our ‘Food Stamp Recovery’ Persists, Obama Will Lose Big” – I could care less about the results of the next election when faced with a problem like this. From the article: …the ability of the private sector to provide people with a stable standard of living is in a long-term decline, one that has only eased, not reversed, in recent months.
  • Two Imams Pulled From Plane Bound for North Carolina (cnn) – there better be more to this story than what I’ve heard so far. From the article: Hooper said officials re-screened them and found they were no threat. While officials tried to get the men back on the plane, “the pilot absolutely refused and ultimately took off,” Hooper said.
  • Kristine Lowe, “A painful lesson in why innovation is so hard for (media) companies” – the lesson involves “stickiness,” the idea that what’s important for ad revenue is people staying on a particular site.
  • Bill Roggio, “After bin Laden: who will lead al Qaeda?” – from the article: Bin Laden was the founder of al Qaeda, and has served as an inspiration to jihadists worldwide. His connections to various terror leaders, both inside and outside of al Qaeda’s sphere, were vast. And he was a rainmaker for al Qaeda: his ties in Saudi Arabia and in the Persian Gulf allowed him to tap the Golden Chain, the wealthy financial supporters of al Qaeda who to this day remain untouched.


  1. I think alot of the talking heads were trying to convey that Obama was a shoo in for 2012 after the Abbotabad Navy SEALs incursion that blew Osama’s mind (literally).

    I CAN’T be the only one to have thought this, but my response was something along the lines of ‘Yea-Obamam’s got 2012 sewn up- unless a significant number of voters go to a gas station or grocery store between now and then”

  2. I agree with the first comment above. Idk, I’d let him do his work and wait for the outcome.
    I may not judge, but I will certainly not be confident with him, as no one is a hundred percert reliable.
    Beside that, that Osama Bin Laden history surely caused an impact on his overall reputation and popularity!

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