Links, 5/31/11

  • David Blight, “Forgetting Why We Remember” – from the article: By their labor, their words, their songs and their solemn parade on their former owners’ racecourse, black Charlestonians created for themselves, and for us, the Independence Day of a Second American Revolution.
  • James Parker, “The Beast Within” – from the article: But I keep coming back to Timothy Treadwell, that axial figure in animal/human relations. Animal Planet does, too: the network recently screened Grizzly Man Diaries—selections from his reams of footage, framed by readings from his journals. There is an absurdity to Treadwell: the silly voice, the abundance of courage, the sense of brittle self-fabrication. And yet here he is in his Diaries, teaching two abandoned bear cubs how to fish.
  • Megan McArdle, “Criminals and the Laws of Supply and Demand” – from the article: After all, credit card thefts work because people don’t know that the numbers have been stolen.  But the first thing we did when the network came back up was check whether we’d maybe added a card to the account for some little transaction we couldn’t remember.  If we had done, we would obviously have immediately cancelled the card, and we can’t possibly be the only people who felt this way.
  • Some chess links: jrobichess’s videos are very good, particularly when he discusses very specific lines like the Berlin Defense Fishing Pole trap. I’ve begun blogging on to try and document my progress – here’s an attempted commentary on a game of Bobby Fischer’s.


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