If you are inclined to vote GOP, please give Josh’s facebook page a “like”

If you get a chance and are inclined to vote GOP, Josh’s Facebook page could use a few more likes. Heck, it could use a ton more likes – it could become a blog of sorts where links are posted to relevant articles about county issues.

The trouble: getting Josh’s name ID up. Yeah, door-to-door campaigning and phone banks will help with that. So will Josh showing up at as many local events as possible.

But you know what? The larger budget issues we face stem partly from local and state budget crises. And I know a lot of you, Democrats and Republicans alike, will get really ticked off when you hear that the county has a $43 million budget shortfall and one of the people responsible for that shortfall has been named “Freeholder of the Year.”

So yeah. I want everyone to know about the issues facing Camden County, NJ and perhaps take a good, long look at how their local and state governments are faring. And I do hope the news of what’s going on in Camden County will reach the residents there. It’s tricky to reach locally sometimes in the way one wants. The mechanisms we have at our disposal are better for broadcasting and can only reach a more particular audience with time.

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