I’m behind on some rather important work and have plenty of obligations that need to be tended to in a few hours. So of course I’m up late blogging.

I think what I learned this semester is that we’ve created a whole generation that’s learned to take others for granted. I say this not to indict the kids. This is, again, learned behavior. The gems among the ones I’ve run into have taken the time to say hi, ask me how I am, even open up a bit about themselves. Sometimes I get real interest in my work, and a few have been promoting the blog. I couldn’t ask for more, especially when plenty of people would ask why I merit any attention whatsoever. I’m not on the payroll, what I have to say directly contradicts some who are honored more than I ever will be, and what success I have now is considered very limited. It should surprise no one that my best moments this semester involved making faces at a 1 year old during Easter Mass and getting her to giggle, as well as asking a 9 year old who she liked best in LOTR (Aragorn apparently is better than Orlando Bloom).

Perhaps the fundamental difference between ancient and modern political thought is the emphasis on man as a social being. We only relate to others nowadays because we can get something from them; conventionality has a reward built in, as Kant and Rousseau rightly point out repeatedly. Ignorance can be bliss for many.

I have a lot to do. I’m very grateful quite a few have made time for me, despite the obstacles that have presented themselves. My biggest disappointment this semester was being taken for granted by one who really seemed to enjoy my company. But while the best feeling is growing in knowledge while learning with others, the second best feeling is knowing too many people care to simply focus on one. It may not be the case that I’m grateful, since what I might be learning at this moment is how to be grateful.


  1. Sadly I have to agree. I see such a lack of compassion and truthfulness in people these days that seems unprecedented. Of course keeping a sense of humor about it all is the best defense.

    It takes a special person to appreciate greatness and, believe me, it is worth waiting for. The challenging experiences make darn good blogging material when you get to my age…trust me. :)

    Making little kids giggle at serious events is the best isn’t it? I made a baby laugh during a orchestra concert. It’s really hard to stop once you start. Congrats on finishing another semester!

  2. I would have to agree with you. There are a few key people I am very glad took the time to be around and help me out. It has impacted em and how I am today. I used to be a camp counselor, Just so i could pass along the wisdom my counselors gave me. They really helped me grow to be a confident and nice person. I also say be nice to everyone even the “small” people because they are the ones who allow others to be big.

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